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Post  MrPrettyPretty on Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:36 pm

Drax and Elle were heading through the town, a near bee line for the youngest Ardoc brother’s manor. Colin and Pyraxis should be there waiting on the two of them. Elle had suddenly remembered an ioun stone vendor that sold a particular stone for translating Thassalonian. It was a great idea and he still had no idea where she heard of it.

“Drax, do you know what we can do with this?” she was saying, “I mean think about the Lady’s Light, that writing on the ground. How much time could we have saved if someone could of read it before Jasper?” Her voice was excited and she was obviously happy with her new stone. She and Drax were walking arm in arm as she continued, “I have got to tell Penny about this, wouldn’t this make translating so much easier?”

“My Son!”

Drax looked around, his head searching for the voice he knew he heard, though faintly. It was deep and raspy almost like the fires of a forge. Though as he turned his head he realized that Elle was still talking as if she hadn’t heard the voice. He shook his head, was it only his imagination?

As she was continuing expounding on the benefits of their new stone a small sheen of sweat broke out on Drax’s forehead. His steps faltered slightly and his breathing became rapid as his skin flushed. Elle immediately stopped talking, her eyes going wide in worry.

"Drax, what's wrong? Are you sick? Gods, I thought I checked you for disease before we left the light!" she exclaimed, her hands going to his chest. She looked up at him, “I know I checked you.” As she talked her hands pushed the tiefling back into an alley. Thankfully the sun was above the alley providing light. Quickly her hands flowed over his chest, his face, his shoulders. She was working quickly but calmly, her forehead crinkled in her concentration.

“I’m fine hon.” Drax said, though his sweating was getting worse. “I’m just warm. It’s warm out right?” he asked her. Sweat dripped from his forehead to run down his cheeks.

“You are not fine!” Elle exclaimed, “Your pupils are dilated, your skin is flushed, you’re sweating like crazy, and you can’t breathe!” Her voice, while still calm, held obvious worry and frustration, "I can’t find any sign of infection, and while your symptoms could be any number of diseases it's still too early to tell." Biting her lower lip she reached inside her bag and pulled out a vial. "Here," she said absentmindedly, her brain frantically sorting out what to do next. "Oh, wait, don't drink it yet... give me a minute." Taking quick stock of her surroundings she rushed over to another abandoned crate, swept the litter off with her arm, and pulled her alchemy kit out of a bag much too small for it. Exactly one minute later she was back by his side with another vial. "Drink this one first. Whatever is wrong with you, it should cure."

The draught was bitter but the young man did as his lady commanded, downing both concoctions. He coughed once and forced a smile for her. “I don’t know if it worked, but I do feel better,” he said forcing his breathing slower and deeper. The sweat on his head had started to matt his hair down and his skin was warm, almost hot to the touch.

“My Son!”

Drax looked around again, the voice was louder and yet somehow quieter. Almost as if it was inside his head. Was he hearing things? He shook his head, hoping to clear it. “I think I just need some rest.”

Elle felt his forehead, while checking his pulse with her other hand. No, the pulse was too rapid. Something hadn't worked.

“Liar,” she said without malice, the worry still etched on her face. “Come on, Tiger, you know better than that. You need to be honest with me. If I had to guess, I'd say you're feeling worse, not better.

“I don't like this…” Elle sighed. “I think we need to get you to someone with more expertise.” Gently, she brushed his hair off of his sweaty brow.

The tiefling was shaking his head lightly, “I was not lying. I will always feel better when I know you are here caring for me.” he said softly, his fingers lightly brushing across her cheek. “I really do think I just need some rest.

“Besides Little Squirrel, the others are waiting for us.” His eyes shone with determination. “One of us has to keep up with them, or they will move on without us and get into all kinds of trouble.” He twisted his lips into a lopsided grin. “I promise, I’ll be alright. I’ll go back to my room and sleep a little,” he said while smiling in what he hoped was a reassuring way.

Elle’s eyes searched his face for a long moment, absentmindedly running her fingers through his matted hair. She was trying to come up with a reason to justify her staying, but she couldn't. Drax was right. She needed to go find the others. Not only to help, but to apologize for her uncharacteristic air-headedness. Finally she let out a long sigh.

“Okay, Tiger,” she spoke softly, half smiling though her brow was still furrowed. “Okay. I don't want to go, but I will.”

She took his large hand in both of hers and gave it a squeeze. “But know that I will be coming to check on you as soon as I can slip away!”

“I know you will.” he smiled softly, taking her hand and bringing it to his lips for a quick kiss. “I’m going to head back now.”

The two parted, Drax heading straight for the inn. It was not an easy trip.


The voice was getting louder, painfully so. As it echoed in his head this most recent time the tiefling collapsed onto the ground clutching his head. Small flames erupted from various patches across his body. The people of the city gave him wide berth, some calling for clerics, others screaming for the guards.

In truth Draxthious does not remember how he managed to make it to his inn room nor much time had passed. All he could remember was pain splitting his head in half as his flames flicked across the room, starting small fires throughout. For some reason however these flames didn’t spread, though they did cause damage where they started. Even with all his abilities, during his moments of clarity in these hours he could not control them. They burned despite all his efforts to put them out. It was sometime during his brief bouts of consciousness that he heard a knocking on his inn room’s door.

Elle had come back to the inn as she promised to check on him. When she tried to open the door to Drax's room she found it locked. Swiftly she knocked, worry once again etching her features.

"Drax!" the voice of his beloved called out from the hallway, loudly as if trying to wake him up. She sounded concerned. "Drax, are you alright?"

“I’m fine!” he called out weakly, though getting stronger. Just hearing her voice seemed to clear some of the cobwebs from his thoughts. “I’m fine.”

"No, you're not..." Elle whispered to herself then knocked on the door again, calling out with more urgency, "Drax, what is going on in there? Why won't you let me see you? You need help! Whatever it is, I should be able to help you! Please!"

After a moment's pause a small thud sounded on the door, and a dejected voice sounded through the wood with muffled resonation.

“Come on, Tiger, open up…”

The worry in her voice nearly broke him. He was struggling to reach the door when another flame burst into being in the center of his bed. The fire reminding him that he had no control at the moment and his abilities were not acting as they should.

“I can’t” He said, collapsing against the door on his side. “I can’t… I can’t control my fire.” he exclaimed. “If you come in… If I hurt you, I wouldn’t be able to stand it.”

“MY SON!” the voice screamed inside his head again causing another gasp of pain.

“Please, Bri’ellyith. Trust me, I’ll be ok.” he said, his voice somehow weak and full of strength at the same time. He turned his body to the door placing on hand on it almost as if he was trying to reach through it to touch her. “I love you. I swear by that love I’ll be back beside you as soon as I can.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” the feminine voice resonated through the wood again after another pause. Elle bit back all the other questions that wanted to tumble out. She hated the fact that she couldn’t help him. She didn’t want to leave, but she knew that there was nothing else she could do here. “I’ll go then. But know that I go under protest. And if you’re lying to me, Draxthious, and something happens to you, I swear that you will never hear the end of this!

“Just, just come back on one piece, my love. I’ll be waiting.” And with a heavy heart she walked away.

Once Drax was sure that Elle had gone back to the others he shoved himself up from the door, approaching the middle of the room. Flames licked out to touch the corners and smoke covered the ceiling despite the open window.

“MY SON!” the voice echoed again.

Drax gritted his teeth against the pain and screamed back internally, “WHO ARE YOU!” Once the question was asked the tiefling felt himself blacking out. As the world faded from view he hit the ground with a loud thud.

When the kineticist opened his eyes he noticed three things. First he was no longer in his hotel room. Second, all the pain was gone. Third, his skin appeared to covered in lava. It seemed to cover him much like his flames had previously, and it gave him an eerily red sheen.

He found himself standing in the middle of a great plane of barren rock. He was on top of a cliff looking out over the expanse beneath him. Under the dark red sky and far below the cliff he saw thousands and thousands of troops. Devils all of them of various shape and form all going through what appeared to be military maneuvers. Drax stared wide eyed as he stepped back from the cliff edge.

“Where the hell am I?” he asked out loud in his shock.

“A fitting question my son.” A voice boomed behind Drax who quickly spun around. He saw there a creature standing over twice his height. Black armor covered every inch of the creature as flames jutted out from the joints. A massive sword and battle axe sat on it’s back. It’s head was horned, similar to Drax’s own but much much larger. As he spoke flames flickered from the creature’s mouth.

“For you are indeed in Hell.” it spoke standing over Drax though apparently not in a threatening way. “You finally called out for me. All these years I was beginning to think those accursed Pathfinders had stolen you away for good. Yet here you are, standing by my side as it should be.”

The tiefling’s eyes widened. He knew more about demons than he did devils believing all his life he was the spawn of one such demon. This figure before him however, how could he not recognize him. Moloch, Lord of the sixth layer of Hell, General of all of Hell’s armies. And his father?

“No, this can’t be. I’m a demon spawn, not a devil. How can you be my father?!” Drax yelled out praying he was misinterpreting the creature’s words.

“SILENCE!” the devil roared, “That is your weakness, you lack discipline!.” Moloch stepped up closer to Drax who reflexively stepped backwards, a whip of flame forming in his hand. “Fool, you cannot fight me here in my own domain.” The devil laughed. “You see, discipline! I had hoped, when I discovered that the cursed fools had taken you before I could, that the so called priests of Iomedae would have at least taught you that much.” A horned head shook in disbelief, “But you fought them the entire way, causing chaos and lacking discipline!” He leaned down, his face peering closer to Drax’s, “You will learn to obey!”

Draxthious finally came to his senses, leaping backwards with the assistance of his flame. When he was a good fifteen feet away from the much larger devil he raised his whip to defend himself.

“You aren’t teaching me anything monster.” he said with quiet resolve. ‘I’m sorry Elle.’ he thought, ‘looks like I won’t be returning to your side after all.’

Moloch roared with fury, the flames from his armor, mouth, and eyes flaring brighter. “You are my son! You were created to be my mortal weapon on that wretched planet! And you -will- submit to me!” The devil stretched his arm out toward Drax and the pain in his head returned a thousand fold.

Drax screamed in torturous pain as he clutched his head, dropping to the ground. He could feel the devil’s influence on him, bending him, twisting his own will to align with that of his father’s. The longer the tiefling screamed the more he could feel himself giving in to Moloch’s wishes. Oh how Jasper was right, he was a world burner. Harbinger, not of Grotus but of Moloch himself. In his mind he saw himself leading Hell’s armies against the city of Magnimar. Buildings fell as children screamed. Soldiers wept for lost loves as his troops laid waste to the city. The sky was blotted out as winged devils commenced to swoop and dive among the fleeing civilians. And through it all Drax found himself grinning savagely.

Suddenly the image of a young girl, with glasses and an impish grin on her face as a flag waved behind her flashed through the tiefling’s head.

His eyes opened on the ground and the pain in his head lessened. Moloch seemed confused.

The image of a tall rock man spin kicking a t-rex before bursting through a wall and standing proudly before them came next and again the pain lessened The devil general sneered and pushed his will harder.

A half vampire with a cocky grin on his face came next, the two of them sitting in an academy room telling tales about their past. Draxthious was able to climb to his knees, one foot under him as he sent a sneer of his own back at his father. Moloch roared in fury, his will exerting itself harder against the young man. Drax dropped his head down, his sneer turning into a grimace of pain as the pressure building inside him grew.

Then came the most powerful image of all. A young woman, two yet one, the images superimposed over each other. One a young blonde half-elf. The other a green eyed and raven haired beauty. Her smile, her soft voice, the twinkle in her eyes. As Draxthious took all of that in his pain vanished in a brilliant burst of radiant fire. As the flames stretched out from Drax, Moloch took a step back, shielding his eyes from the light.

“Foolish whelp!” he growled, “You will serve me. Cease your resistance and do what you know is right!” the devils deep raspy voice echoed across the plane.

Drax grinned, fear and resolution shining in his eyes, “No! I won’t serve you, now or ever.” He ignited his flame whip again this time infusing it with the essence of earth until he was wielding a whip of pure lava. “I have those that care for me, love me!” He drew the whip back, expecting the devil to charge at him, “With their help, with their -love- I will resist you.” Flames flicked around the tiefling as he readied himself to die.

The devil just laughed softly, “Heh heh heh, we shall see boy, we shall see.”

Drax opted to make the first move, lunging forward and striking with his whip. Which caused the innkeeper to scream in fear and drop to the ground as yet another furrow was burned into his wall.

“What are you doing?” the man yelled. “What did you do?”

Draxthious looked around him blinking. He was back in his inn room in Kaer Maga. It was not yet dawn though of what day he couldn’t say. The flames that had dotted the room were gone leaving only charred reminders. His whip of lava faded away and he stood straight up, confusion written on every inch of his face. His body was covered in a sheen of sweat.

The man at his feet stood up quickly, a look of fear and greed covering his face. “You destroy my room, you attack me. This will cost you, you freak.” He then went about loudly tallying the damage to the room, over exaggerating the price. “One, no two hundred gold!” the man was saying, holding his hand out. “And another fifty if you want to stay here again. Security deposit.”

Drax just nodded dumbly, staring at his hand. He could feel the power inside him welling up. In hell he was covered in lava protecting him from damage as well as burning what ever came close. He could feel it then and he could feel it now. Absently Drax handed the innkeeper a bag of gold coins, not bothering to count them. The man looked inside and poorly hid his glee at what he found.

“Well, I suppose this will do….” He then quickly exited the room before Drax could realize he had overpaid the man.

The young man in question was still staring at his hand. Slowly he opened and closed his fingers. As he turned his hand over to peer at the back his skin shifted. Dark red lava covered his body leaving cracks across his skin as it continuously hardened and melted. He could feel the heat emanating from his body. Where before he would singe anyone who tried to touch him, now he would burn them. He could feel his ability to take the burning sensation that allowed him to enhance his abilities was lessened, but his ability to control his power was increased.


He needed to catch up to them, find them. First however he needed to clean himself up. His clothes stuck to his body, drenched in sweat. Swiftly he stripped from his armor and his under clothes. Which is when he noticed it. The tattoo that covered his upper left shoulder had grown. Tendrils of it stretched up across his neck and down both his chest and back. His entire upper left arm was covered in the intricate design. It was strange, and something he’d have to look into but right now he needed to hurry.

Quickly he cleaned himself up, slipping fresh clothes and his armor back on. With hurried movements the tiefling tore through the midday city, sliding past the folks milling about as he made for the trolls home. He needed to catch up to Elle and the others, he needed to explain to Elle what had happened.

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Post  MrPrettyPretty on Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:37 pm

(( special thanks to Michelle for the help getting the character actions of Elle right. ))

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Post  MrPrettyPretty on Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:55 pm

In the Abbey

Drax leaned back as much as he could in the chair dedicated to Cayden Cailen. A quick hour rest is what the group decided on. To be fair it was what Drax himself had decided on but it was still unusual for him to believe he was in charge.

As his head lay back on the cushions Elle, his fiance (how did he ever get so lucky as to have her in his life) curled up on his lap. His smile was warm as he closed his eyes, intending to open them again in a few seconds.

When he did open them he was in a place he hoped to never see again. A vast plain stretched out before him, just under the cliff he stood on. Under the dark red sky once again thousands of devils performed various military maneuvers.

The teifling sighed, “Hell.” he said.

“Indeed.” came the expected voice behind him. Drax turned around and saw his father in all his dark glory standing there.

“I told you I would never serve you.” the fire echoing in his voice.

“I’m sorry.” came the entirely unexpected reply.

The young warrior blinked, stunned. His mouth opened a few times before a strangled, “what?” came forth.

Moloch sighed, “I let my emotions get the better of me last we met. You are indeed my son and responded as I would have.” The devil lord shook his head, “No, I should have tried talking first, explaining my position. I lacked discipline and for that I apologize.”

Drax, his ire rising, nearly screamed, “Then why did you make it so when I use my abilities, I hurt even more than I ever did before?” It was with a supreme act of will the teifling didn’t activate a whip made of earth and strike at the devil.

“Point of reference” Moloch responded holding up a finger, “I didn’t do that.” His expression, what could be seen behind the mask of dark steel his helmet was, could only be described as pride. “Prior to that my armour was protecting you from the pain. However you grew too powerful and your abilities overrode what the armour could provide.”

“What do you mean, ‘your armour’?” Drax asked with worry and a sinking feeling in his stomach.

A grin spread across Moloch’s face, “I had it made especially for you.” He barked out a quick laugh, “I had my soldiers catch and flay a dozen Balor for the materials. My finest craftsmen worked night and day on it until it was complete. Then I added a bit of my own power to it. I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s abilities growing even as it becomes darker yes?” Mirth echoed in his voice, “That’s my influence.”

“I don’t know how I feel about that.” Drax whispered as a wave of nausea washed through him.

“Bah, it is no different than you mortals killing and skinning a cow for it’s hide.”

Drax shook his head, “Yeah, but cows aren’t sentient creatures.”

The devil lord tilted his head curiously, unable to comprehend his son’s words, “Neither are Balor.” The tone he used was one Drax himself would have used if he were to say ‘Neither are pigs.’ in that context.

The half devil shook his head, “Right...I almost forgot the long standing war between you and the demons. OK, so you gave me this armor. Explains how it just showed up suddenly one day and actually fit. Question is, why?”

Moloch seemed to smirk, “Because you are my son and believe it or not I want what is best for you.” He sighed softly, “I was overzealous last time but my intention is still to make you my agent on the Prime Material Plane. Yours at least. That hasn’t changed.”

“You know I’ll never serve you.” Drax retorted, his anger rising.

“Peace, please.” his father said raising his hands in a placating manner. “I know I will never be able to force you to serve me. You have to be willing and especially after last time it will be even more difficult to simply convince you. So I have come to offer my aid.”

Drax scoffed, “And how exactly do you think you can help?” One of his hands clenched, the muscles tightening. He honestly didn’t know what to think and was being thrown off his game far too easily for his liking. Which, he thought, what probably what the bastard’s goal was.

“By teaching you how to fully use your powers.” The tall devil stepped forward a few paces which caused his son to step back in a defensive posture. “Oh stop, I told you before I wasn’t here to fight. If you learn nothing else learn that I always keep my word.”

His posture relaxed but only slightly Drax asked, “What can you possibly teach me about my own abilities?”

Moloch grinned, his son was slowly falling to his side. It was small and subtle but he could sense the boy’s curiosity in the question, mocking though the tone was. “All of your defensive abilities are passive in nature. You focus your power on yourself and the desired outcome covers your skin. Let me tell you this, offense does win wars but there is a time to build a wall and defend yourself behind it.”

Drax stood up, his ire momentarily forgotten, “Are you saying I can use my abilities to make walls...out of fire or earth or even lava?”

“Yes, yes you can.” Melloch nodded. “Try it, concentrate on making a wall, gather your power, and release it.”

Drax looked skeptical but he did as his father suggested. He refused to think of it as a command, no one commanded him. He could however see the potential in being able to make a wall. So the teifling concentrated, imagining a wall of fire spreading between him and the devil. He gathered his power and waved his hand horizontally before him. He was in fact mildly surprised when a wall of flame ignited and spread out forming a semi solid barrier between him and his father. “I’ll be damned.” he whispered.

Moloch stepped through the flame, being a devil he was immune to fire. “Very good my boy. Very good. I’m sure now that you have done it once you can figure out many ways of doing it.”

It was true. Drax was realizing he could boost the damage, adjust the size, many different things. His face must have shown his wonder because the devil lord laughed, “See my boy, I told you you could do it.”

Drax shook his head, “Alright fine, I can make a wall. Thank you, I guess. But this doesn’t make us even for last time.”

Moloch shook his head, “I already apologized, take it or don’t. I’m not trying to make even, just trying to help. Like your passive defenses, they can be used to….alter yourself even more.” Drax’s eyes narrowed as the devil continued. “It will hurt, every day you want to use it, but you will be able to grow much taller, much thicker, much more….imposing.”

“How?” asked Drax apprehensively.

“Concentrate your power on yourself, imagine it swelling around you, lifting you.” His voice took on a powerful edge, “Imagine it swirling around you, covering you, becoming you.”

Drax stepped back, his mind whirling with thoughts and images conjured by his father’s words. Slowly he spread his arms and let his power envelope him, covering him completely. As the elements swirled around him he closed his eyes. When he next opened them he seemed larger. He cast his gaze down at his body and saw himself covered in roiling lava standing much taller than he ever did before. “Oh man, Elle is gonna flip when she sees this.” he grinned.

His father sneered at the name of Drax’s fiance though the young teifling failed to notice, so intent on his new found ability.

Drax turned to Moloch, wonder and worry etched on his features, visible inside the mass of fire and earth covering his form. As the elements faded and his feet settled on the dirt his expression hardened. “Alright, I’ll admit you may have helped me.” His head shook, his long dark hair swirling around his face. “I still won’t serve you.”

The devil ignored the comment, addressing his son, “Think about what you have learned. Think about other ways you can use your abilities. You are already have the power to destroy an enemy completely, how else can you use it?” Drax nodded, and though his eyes never left the Lord of the Sixth layer of Hell, his mind saw myriad uses for what he had learned already.

“I will not teach you any more tonight. Too much power too quickly can damage you. Focus on what you know and teach yourself at your own pace.” Moloch turned and looked to the dark red sky, purple lightning flashing in the distance.

“I will give you one last bit of advice. Now that you have taken charge of your little group you will be tested. Every decision you make will have consequences. Harden your heart, do not let them sway you or cause you to doubt yourself. You are my son, you were born to lead!.”

Drax’s eyes narrowed, “How do you know that?”

“I keep tabs on my son.” Moloch grinned, his head turning back to face his son. “Be most wary of the one you call Elle. Be careful her “ he sneered as he said the word “love for you does not let her simply agree with you no matter what.”

The teifling shook his head, “She wouldn’t do that.”

“She would and you know it.” he devil frowned, “It can become too easy to listen to someone who only agree’s with you. That is a trap many generals have fallen into. And for her fear of upsetting you if she notices a flaw in your plan she won’t tell you. Emotions can cloud judgement. Do not let your feelings for her cloud your judgement either. A wise general listens to his officers when possible, makes confident decisions when not possible. You will make mistakes, everyone does. Learn from them, let them help you grow.

“It is time for you to go. You have been here too long and He has noticed.” Moloch turned to Drax, “Heed my words my boy and give your enemies Hell!”

Before Drax could say anything he started awake, the familiar weight of Elle resting on his lap. The young woman looked at him, confusion and worry on her face, “Are you alright?”

Drax, confusion on his face looked to his beloved, “Yeah...yeah, I think so.”

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