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Emerald Spire Session Notes

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Emerald Spire Session Notes

Post  Magyc on Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:34 pm

Group consists of Storhoi, Lazuli, and Kalmindon
Three order of HellKnights at Fort Inevitable- Order of the Pike (Anti-Monsters, dominant group), Order of the Nail (keeping roads clear) Order of the Gate (Magic using). The Pike headquarters in the main 90 ft citadel, the other two have smaller barracks nearby.

Small town population under 1000, base value of 1300, purchase limit of 7500. Spellcasting up to 4th level. There is another town in the area- Thornkeep.

We purchased one letter of warrant for the party as a whole. 30% of what we find is owed as tax, good for one year.
Bought from Citadel. Businesses in town - Helmed Lady tavern, Seiferd's Ptions and Reagents, Ryllan's Amory, a book binder (where we bought paper, ink and waterproof scrolls), Red Shield Tavern, Julliver Arms Inn, a market, a bulk good dealer, a chancery, a mason. Also saw one dilapidated builiding Hellknights may auction off, though someone may be squatting in it.

Heard name in tavern of Abenord Raist, man who was knowledgeable about Spire. Went to see him, given 2 jobs on spec- to map level of the Spire for payment, and to find the object that his sliver of sky-metal came from (1500 gold to bring that item back).

Said Spire may be of Azlanti origin, but he thinks it was something else. Warned us of rumor goblins at or near spire. At spire, it is in the center of a glen 500 yards wide- no trees at all within the area- none grow in the radius. Goblin rumor turned out to be true as we tackled a small tribe through the ground level. One of them had partially assembled a mechanical construct. After we cleared level we found stairs up and down. Heard shuffling from below. On a crystal spire in the center there is a sigil the size of a human hand, that we had seen before.

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Re: Emerald Spire Session Notes

Post  Magyc on Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:39 pm


Raist bought the part of "Clanky" that we salvaged. He thinks the Azlanti number represent the levels of the Spire. He has heard of Spire tokens that act as teleport points.

Lazuli and Kalmindon turned in early, Storhoi celebrated into the night. Next morning we were approached by man who heard Storhoi boasting the night before. Timbor was apprentice to Illyra Starcloak, leader of the Golden Fire order in Thornkeep. Typically its members work solo. Has a good reputation as magic using mercenaries. Wanted to have us come to Thornkeep to take on a job for them.

Decided to go. Went to Thornkeep (BV=1400, PL=7500, Spell =4th_ Illyra offers us job. Gives scroll with a pic of the Door of Seven Stars. Brought by members of the Order from the Emerald Spire 3 weeks ago. The door in in Thornkeep in an underground Vault that may be as old as the Spire. We have to collect Stars that act as a key from the Accursed Halls. Search the Halls and come back with the gems, and she will pay us the value of the gems plus 30%.

Halls were occupied centuries ago by Goblin tribe, and there was a famous goblin chieftain in the area long ago. 600 GP reward for attempting it even if we find nothing. Entered Hall, ambushed by centipedes that were kept fed at entrance by Goblins. (Kalmindon dispatched them instantly with his newly purchased longbow 2 shots, 2 kills)

Next room had demonic statues, ambushed by well hidden goblins. Descended, found crushed goblin by a suit of magical chainmail that Lazuli put on. (Dead goblin had stolen it). Next room- Open chasm with a set of columns that could be used to cross it. Kalmindon starts across, attacked by Stirges. Dispatched them and we all cross, some with ropes. Kalmindon falls 30 feet on his last trip across (nothing at bottom). Continued on, heard goblins chattering. Attacked, and killed 2, followed remaining one into another ambush with a more power goblin leader, in a room with walls studded with yellow crystals. Then took short rest (2 cure light spells remaining)


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Re: Emerald Spire Session Notes

Post  Magyc on Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:06 pm

Entered into mist shrouded chamber, each of us was presented with an image of great fear, but all were able to overcome it.  

Next room contained a 20 foot statue of a man carrying a tome.  As we looked around. two creatures launched off the ceiling at us.  They were very formidable and badly hurt Lazuli and Storhoi.  After killed them Kal attempted to climb statue and pry chest compartment open-could not.  Storhoi did climb and with crowbar was able to open it.  Found a short sword and a gem.

Made it back to the balcony we started at.  We went in through a locked door into a shadowy room.  Three adventurers lay dead on the ground around an open sarcophagi.  They had no physical wounds.  They did animate and come after us- they hit very hard and one dropped Lazuli.  After they were defeated, an actual shadow came after us.  Lazuli and Kal pelted it with positivie energy while Storhoi did all he could to keep it busy.  It dropped a gem.   Remembered that one of the adventurers we found had a missing poster dedicated to him.

Having been badly hurt and Storhoi horribly weakened by the Shadow, we exited the dungeon taking the corpse and its signet ring .  Stopped at apothecary, bought a potion of lesser restoration for Storhoi and some Cure potions.  Updated Starcloak on our progress, and dropped off body to Blue Basilisk mercenary troop to obtain reward.  

In the morning, returned to the dungeon.  Found a terrible stone idol with orange jeweled eyes, which we pried out.  Next room- the area was soundless.  Four skeletons attacked us with arrows, but they went down much faster than the undead we faced the day before.  The room was filled with a pool of luminous green water with ceramic gems at the bottom- Storhoi gathered a number of them.

We came across a pit with a skeleton at the bottom dressed in rusty mail.  Deteremined it would take too long to fix it up, and left it.  We found the last stone in the mist filled room we had hurried through the day before.  We then returned to Starcloak and collected our reward.

She then told us of two her guild that went to the explore the Emerald Spire several weeks ago (Jarren and Tvariash).  They had not returned. A male conjurer and female transmuter.  Find them and return them for 2000 gp reward, if returning corpses-still a reward.  Timeber will be our liason at Fort Inevitable to make reports to at the Julliver Arms.  We then took the 6 hour trek back to the Fort.

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Re: Emerald Spire Session Notes

Post  Magyc Yesterday at 1:54 pm

We returned to Fort Inevitable and sold off the goods we had liberated from the dungeon under Thornwood, and paid the Hellknight's tax.  I asked Hellknights to appraise the abandoned building as a potential lodging in town for the duration of our Spire forays.  We waited a few days in town resting and letting Storhoi recover his strength.

Set out for Spire again on 4th of Desnus, afternoon.  Another 2 hour trek.  We went through the first level we cleared of goblins and proceeded UP to the second level.  We found a room with bed and side table, and some cooked bird.  Someone had been living here, but we could not tell who.

We then went DOWN below the 1st floor.  Killed 2 zombie goblins enroute to the next level.  Descended 50 feet.  Level is lit by luminescent mold.  First room- grisly experiments grafting humanoid and spider parts together.  Cage drops in center of room, Storhoi dodges it.  Another cage contains a skeleton in a harness.  Found 2 male bodies, dead less than 3 weeks.  Also in this room found Parchment with Azlanti markings, and a sigil with the number FOUR in Azlanti.

As we proceeded through the level, Storhoi and Kalmindon feell through a trap door worked by a spider, who tried to shut it on them and web it.  We identified it as a moon spider, an intelligent predator with a powerful poison. Fell through their trapdoors several times.  We were able to kill them every time they ambushed.

Next room covered in webbing, corpse hung in the middle.  Ambushed by spider who tried using the coins jingling in corpses pocket as bait.

Next room- Floor blocked by rubble, skeleton protruded from rubble.  Appeared to be a priest who was dead a very, very long time.  Room had a freestanding piece of furniture that fell apart when zombie like creature lunged out at us.

NExt room- was completely dark with 4 stone caskets  We opened first casket, six skeletons emerged , dispatched them.   We then found an elaborate trap constructed to appeal to treasure seekers- a closed chest out in the open.  Activating it would cause the roof to come smashing down.  Kal dodged it the first time, but took a solid shot to the head the second time when we managed to get it open.  Only contained a taunting letter.

Next room- Skeletons and powerful necromantic foe hiding behind curtain.  Managed to cause up significant damage before we were able to dispatch him.

Went back to Spire to tackle next level. This level we were met with barricaded door with humans behind it. Fighting ensued with Kalmindon shooting back at the bandits through their own arrow slits. Parlay ensued, they offered to give us access to lower levels of dungeon for a price. We heard them bring in reinforcements and the battle resumed. We got access to the room and dispatched these bandits.

It appears they have made at least parts of this level their lair. Continued on intending to clear the level of their presence since they could not be trusted to negotiate. Found what amounted to their prison/cell room, was attacked by hideous creature from under the bed. Lazuli went down, almost was killed by it.

Returned to Fort Inevitable after clearing this level.

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Re: Emerald Spire Session Notes

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