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The "Be Better Than That!" Journal Corrections Thread!

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The "Be Better Than That!" Journal Corrections Thread!

Post  The Sub-Creator on Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:33 am

Yup! I get things wrong! Probably quite a bit, in fact . . . but I have a strong desire to get things right, and so I'm creating this thread as a place for people to post corrections for me when I inevitably get it wrong. Ann has done a wonderful job getting this campaign going for us, so I'd like to represent it as best and accurately as I possibly can! Now, I'm writing from a particular point of view, so there will be things left out or vaguely covered based on Chazon's perspective; however, when I make a blatant error because I heard wrong, or wrote it down wrong, or just completely missed something key because I was doing something else in the game at the time, I'd like to be corrected, so that I can correct it in the journal. (Hopefully, I'll get edit powers for my journal entries anyhow, so that I'll be able to do so!)

Thus, please help me best represent this wonderful campaign by showing me where I screwed up so that I can be better than that! =D

Thanks for all your help everyone! I greatly appreciate it!

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